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  • Maria Targońska

Dismantling of industrial presses in Miękinia near Wroclaw

Mechanical disassembly of industrial presses in the paper industry


The realm of industrial machinery is one of precision, power, and immense responsibility, particularly when it comes to the disassembly of equipment that has served the backbone of production lines. In the paper industry, industrial presses are colossal in both size and significance. The Tincors team's recent project in the Wrocław area brought this into sharp focus as they embarked on the dismantling of two such presses, setting the stage for their eventual sale.

The Challenge of Dismantling Long-Serving Machinery

Industrial presses, by their very nature, are built to withstand the rigors of heavy, continuous operation. Over the years, these machines accumulate not just wear and tear but also layers of industrial byproducts. The Tincors team was met with this exact scenario, where the presses' years of service had left them in a state that significantly complicated the dismantling process. Preparing the ground for transport rollers involved an extensive cleanup and strategic planning to ensure that the presses could be moved without incident.

Strategic Disassembly and Component Marking

The disassembly of an industrial press is not a task taken lightly. It requires a systematic approach where each component, no matter how large or small, is carefully removed and labeled. This meticulous process is not just about taking the machine apart; it's about preserving the integrity of each component for future use. The Tincors team's efforts in marking and cataloging each part would prove invaluable in reassembling the presses at their new location, ensuring a continuation of their industrial legacy.

Navigating the Complexities of Ventilation Channels

Among the most challenging aspects of this project was the disassembly of the ventilation channels. With limited information on the fixings and segments, the team had to proceed with caution, inspecting each piece as it was removed to avoid damage and ensure that every part could be accounted for and reassembled correctly.

Safety as the Paramount Concern

In every project, the safety of the workforce is the overriding concern, and this was no exception. The technicians, perched on basket lifts and navigating the heights, were secured with safety suspenders and equipped with the necessary tools to perform their tasks confidently and safely. The use of slings and a chain winch to support the structures further underscored the team's commitment to a safe working environment.

The Machinery of Dismantling

The project's success hinged on the use of specialized equipment and machinery. Basket lifts provided safe access to elevated areas, forklifts handled the heavy lifting, and transport rollers ensured the smooth movement of the disassembled presses. Hydraulic jacks offered the necessary lifting power, while chain winches and slings provided stability and support during the disassembly process.


The disassembly and preparation for the transport of the industrial presses in the Wrocław area was a testament to the Tincors team's expertise and dedication to quality workmanship. Completed within an impressive two-day window, the project stands as a benchmark for similar industrial endeavors in the future.


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