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Dismantling of industrial presses in Miękinia near Wroclaw

Mechanical disassembly of industrial presses in the paper industry

The Tincors team visited the Wrocław area again. This time the project consisted of dismantling and putting out of the shop 2 industrial presses, which will eventually be sold.

As is usually the case, the seemingly easy order turned out to be quite a challenge. Due to years of operation, the machines were very dirty, which resulted in a huge commitment on our part to prepare the ground for the transport rollers.

Ultimately, the machines are for sale, so we made every effort to ensure that the presses were properly dismantled and secured for the duration of the shutdown. All disassembled components were marked, which will translate into easier installation at the new location.

Removing ventilation channels at height is quite a challenge

Most of the time spent on this project was spent disassembling the ventilation channels. We didn't have much information about the fixings of the various segments, so the disconnected components had to be carefully inspected.

With every project, we put the health and safety of workers first. Technicians working on the basket lift were equipped with safety suspenders and the necessary equipment to ensure comfortable work. In addition, each structure was supported on slings, using a chain winch. Thanks to such procedures, the entire work proceeded without any unforeseen situations.

The entire order was completed in 2 working days.

Equipment and machinery used during the work:

  • Basket lift

  • Forklift

  • Transport rollers

  • Hydraulic jacks

  • Chain winch

  • Slings and hooks

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