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Relocation of a fiber laser in Pułtusk

The process of relocating a fiber laser in Pułtusk

We started July with a project in Pułtusk. The order consisted in moving a fiber laser on the premises of the Principal's company. The whole operation took place on Saturday, which caused some logistical difficulties. As always, the Tincors team coped with the task without major problems.

The initial stage consisted in starting the machine and checking whether all components work properly. The laser is a very precise device, so we had to make sure everything was set up according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Then we went to disconnect. Our electricians disconnected the media, compressed air and liquid nitrogen. The machine consisted of 2 elements that were chemically anchored to the foundation. All delicate elements have been carefully protected during transport.

The weight of the machine was 10 tons, so we used a set of transport rollers and a forklift for transport. The laser was moved about 50 meters and set in the right place. In the new location, the device was to work together with a storage rack, so it was important to place the machine within the working range of the robot arm.

The stage that took the most time was leveling the whole thing and anchoring the machine. We used chemical anchors as recommended by the manufacturer.

Finally, media, compressed air and liquid nitrogen were connected. The fiber laser has been started and calibrated. We performed a functional test on one sheet of metal. After accepting the correctly executed order by the client, our work has come to an end.

Machines and devices used in the order Hydraulic jacks. A set of transport rollers up to 32 tons. Forklift.

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