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Unloading and Assembly of Silos in Racibórz

How did we carry out the unloading and assembly of silos in Racibórz?

Recently, our company had the pleasure of participating in the realization of a silo assembly project in Racibórz. The goal of this project was to deliver and install two silos for storing plastic granules. The work was carried out smoothly thanks to careful preparation, the experience of our employees, and the use of the latest machines and equipment.

We started by delivering the silos to the construction site in Racibórz. The silos were transported as an over-dimensional load, and their unloading and assembly required the use of specialized equipment. Our team consisted of experienced workers and specialized machines such as a cherry picker, hydraulic cranes with a lift capacity of 50 and 25 tons, as well as slings and hooks.

The unloading of the silos was one of the challenges, due to the limited space around the building. We had to find the right place for the cranes to ensure the safest unloading possible. After unloading the silos, we set them in a vertical position using the cranes.

The next challenge was installing the platforms. The silos were 16 meters tall, so we used a specialized articulated boom lift to install them. After installing the silos, we installed the ladder and the platform connecting both silos.

The entire project was completed within two working days and ended in full success. The client was very satisfied with the quality of our work and the equipment provided. This is another assignment that confirms our competence and experience in the field of silo assembly.

Machinery and Equipment Used During the Assignment

  • Aerial work platform

  • 50-ton hydraulic crane

  • 25-ton hydraulic crane

  • Slings and hooks

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