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We're experts in
machinery relocation.

Our Services:

Comprehensive relocation services that include: dismantling, loading, transport and connecting in new location. We're Machinery Movers!

We move:

- injection molding machines,

- hydraulic presses,

- industrial lasers,

- CNC machines,

- blown film machines

We delegate our qualified employees to implement the projects in industrial sector. We also provide industrial equipment with our staff.

Meet our staff:

- Fitters

- Electricians

- Welders,

- Forklift Operators,

- Automation Specialists

About Us

Tincors is a global company operating in the industrial sector! Our specialization lies in two main areas: industrial machinery relocation and the rental of qualified workers. Thanks to our vast experience and dedication, we are capable of providing top-quality machinery relocation services worldwide.

Our team consists of qualified experts with extensive knowledge and practice in machinery moving. Machinery relocation is a complex process that requires precise planning, secure transportation, and professional installation. Leveraging our experience and advanced technologies, we can transport machines of all kinds across different continents, ensuring safety and reliability.

Team leasing is another one of our strengths. We collaborate with the best specialists in various industrial domains, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you require experienced engineers, machine operators, or maintenance experts, we can provide you with a team possessing the right competencies, ready to take on challenges at your location.

What our Clients said

"Tincors relocated two benders and two laser cutting machines in our factory. Everything was correct and they worked the necessary extra hours to accomplish due date."

Jose Torres 

"Tincors company provided us with a comprehensive service for the relocation of two presses. The work was completed on time, using the appropriate technology.Tincors performs its tasks solidly and punctually."

Radosław Jarząb
Schumacher Packaging

"The cooperation with Tincors proceeded without reservations. The employees demonstrated a good understanding of the project's subject matter and were open to the Investor's suggestions.."

Adrianna Krzysztofik

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Direct contact

Tincors sp. z o.o.

Aleja Grunwaldzka 472

80-309 Gdansk, Poland

VAT EU: PL9571118998

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