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How the technician recruitment service works?

The planned execution of a project may sometimes require a larger team with higher or more diverse skills than the company currently possesses. One solution is to conduct a series of recruitment processes to find suitable candidates - however, this takes a lot of time and consumes significant financial resources. This drawback is not present in team leasing. The specialists acquired through team leasing quickly become part of the team, bringing a range of new skills and additional processing power.

For many companies, full or partial outsourcing of tasks may be a tempting option. Contracting an external contractor relieves the company from the need to maintain its own infrastructure, making it an excellent choice when there is no possibility of enlarging the team or equipment resources. If a company has such an option, team leasing is worth considering. External specialists delegated to perform specific tasks become a part of the company for a certain period, bringing their skills and making use of its resources.

What positions do we recruit for?







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The recruitment process

1. Client consultation

The recruitment service initiates the process by understanding the client's specific requirements. This involves detailed discussions with the company to identify the technical roles, skills, qualifications, experience levels, and any other specific criteria needed for the technicians.

2. Job description and profile creation

Based on the client's requirements, the recruitment service creates a detailed job description and a profile of the ideal candidate. This includes the necessary technical skills, educational background, experience, and any other relevant qualifications.

3. Sourcing candidates

The recruitment service employs various methods to source potential candidates. This may include posting job advertisements on job boards, searching through their existing database of candidates, utilizing social media platforms, and networking within the industry.

4. Screening and shortlisting

As applications and resumes come in, the recruitment service screens and evaluates each candidate's qualifications, work experience, and suitability for the position. The shortlisting process helps identify the most promising candidates who meet the specified criteria.

5. Interviewing

The recruitment service conducts initial interviews with the shortlisted candidates. These interviews assess the candidates' technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and compatibility with the company's culture and values.

6. Skill assessment

Depending on the nature of the technical roles, the recruitment service may conduct skill assessments or technical tests to evaluate the candidates' abilities in specific areas.

7. Reference and background checks

To verify the candidate's work history and reputation, the recruitment service performs reference checks with previous employers and conducts background checks as necessary.

8. Candidate presentation

The recruitment service presents the best-matched candidates to the client, along with their resumes, interview feedback, and assessment results. This allows the client to make an informed decision about who to proceed with.

9. Client interviews and selection

The client interviews the shortlisted candidates to make the final selection. The recruitment service may assist in coordinating the interviews and providing feedback to both parties.

10. Job offer and onboarding

Once the client selects a candidate, the recruitment service facilitates the job offer and contract negotiations. They may also assist with the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition for the newly hired technician.

11. Follow-up and support

After the technician is hired, the recruitment service may follow up with both the client and the candidate to ensure a successful integration into the company. They provide support and address any potential issues that may arise.

What our Clients said

"Tincors relocated two benders and two laser cutting machines in our factory. Everything was correct and they worked the necessary extra hours to accomplish due date."

Jose Torres 

"Tincors company provided us with a comprehensive service for the relocation of two presses. The work was completed on time, using the appropriate technology.Tincors performs its tasks solidly and punctually."

Radosław Jarząb
Schumacher Packaging

"The cooperation with Tincors proceeded without reservations. The employees demonstrated a good understanding of the project's subject matter and were open to the Investor's suggestions.."

Adrianna Krzysztofik

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