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Machinery relocation in recycling

The recycling sector plays a pivotal role in sustainable waste management, conserving resources, and reducing environmental impacts. As recycling technology evolves, machinery plays a crucial role in the process. However, as recycling facilities expand, upgrade, or restructure, there arises a need for machinery relocation. Relocating recycling machinery presents both opportunities and challenges, and it is essential to execute the process with precision to minimize downtime, ensure safety, and maintain operational efficiency. This article explores the intricacies of machinery relocation in the recycling sector, highlighting best practices and potential pitfalls.

Our relocation process

The process of machinery relocation in recycling involves careful planning and execution to ensure the safe and efficient movement of the equipment. Here are some key aspects involved in machinery relocation:​

1. On-site inspection

This is the key to preparing a realistic proposal for a project.

4. Transport

We provide our transport services around the Europe.

2. Proposal

We are well aware that not only the price but also other conditions are of great significance.

5. Assembling

Unloading and assembling in new localization. It's mean electrical, mechanical connection and leveling.

3. Dismantling

This stage includes mechanical, electrical disconnection and protection for transport

6. Launching

Test commissioning of machines in assistance with the producer.

Machinery relocation requires the expertise of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the intricacies of moving heavy equipment. Hiring a reputable and specialized machinery moving company can help ensure a successful and safe relocation process.

The most common recycling machines that we relocate

Sorting Machines


Baling presses

Waste Sieving


What our Clients said

"Tincors relocated two benders and two laser cutting machines in our factory. Everything was correct and they worked the necessary extra hours to accomplish due date."

Jose Torres 

"Tincors company provided us with a comprehensive service for the relocation of two presses. The work was completed on time, using the appropriate technology.Tincors performs its tasks solidly and punctually."

Radosław Jarząb
Schumacher Packaging

"The cooperation with Tincors proceeded without reservations. The employees demonstrated a good understanding of the project's subject matter and were open to the Investor's suggestions.."

Adrianna Krzysztofik

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