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Comprehensive machine relocation from Poland to Dubai

How was the transfer of the film sealing machine from the Polish plant to Iran?

In early January, we started a project involving the comprehensive relocation of a German manufacturer's machine outside Europe. The project included disassembly, transportation and assembly assistance in the UAE, so after the disassembly was completed, our engineer flew to the factory in Dubai.

The machine consisted of many components that were on a three-story structure.

We started our work by heating the head, as this was necessary to disconnect the extruders. After this procedure, we could get down to disconnecting the electrics.

The machine had several control cabinets and connections, which are more simplified in the new equipment and allow for faster electrical disconnection.

After disconnecting the utilities and marking all connections, we could get down to mechanical disassembly. We started this stage from the base of the machine and gradually climbed up to the next floors.

The components on the top floor proved to be quite a challenge. The weight of the machine was significant, so we had to take everything apart into smaller batches and use an overhead crane to bring them downstairs.

Our employees secured all the parts of the machine and loaded them onto 4 trucks.

Equipment and machinery used during the work

  • Basket lift

  • Forklift

  • Transport rollers

  • Hydraulic jacks

  • Chain winch

  • Slings and hooks

  • HDS truck for dismantling the highest elements inside the hall

  • Hydraulic crane for loading

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