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  • Maria Targońska

Comprehensive machine relocation from Poland to Dubai

How was the relocation of the film sealing machine from the Polish plant to Dubai?


The relocation of industrial machinery is a monumental task, requiring a blend of engineering prowess, logistical planning, and meticulous execution. This narrative unfolds the intricate journey of a film sealing machine, as it makes its way from a Polish manufacturing plant to a new operational life in the bustling industrial landscape of Dubai. The process, initiated in the early days of January, was not just a physical transfer but a comprehensive mission involving disassembly, transportation, and reassembly, all while ensuring the machine's integrity and operational efficiency remained intact.

Preparatory Steps for Disassembly

The disassembly phase commenced with a critical operation: heating the head of the machine. This step was essential to safely disconnect the extruders, a testament to the complexity and precision engineering of the German-manufactured equipment. Following this, the team proceeded to disconnect the electrical systems, a task made more efficient by the machine's modern design, which favored simplified control cabinets and connections.

Mechanical Disassembly: A Layered Approach

The mechanical disassembly required a strategic and methodical approach, starting from the base and ascending the three-story structure. Each level presented its unique challenges, with the top floor demanding particular attention due to the significant weight of the components. The solution involved deconstructing the machine into smaller segments, enabling the use of an overhead crane to carefully lower each part to the ground level.

Securing and Loading: A Coordinated Effort

With the machine disassembled, securing and loading the components onto transport vehicles was the next critical phase. The team's expertise was evident as they meticulously secured all parts across four trucks, ensuring safe transit. This stage was not merely about physical labor but also about applying a deep understanding of the machine's components and their susceptibility to transport stresses.

The Arsenal of Equipment

The relocation project was supported by an array of specialized equipment and machinery, each selected for its specific role in the process. Basket lifts, forklifts, transport rollers, hydraulic jacks, chain winches, slings, and hooks all played their part in the disassembly. For the more challenging high-elevation elements, an HDS truck was employed, while a hydraulic crane was pivotal during the loading phase.


The transfer of the film sealing machine from the Polish plant to Dubai was a testament to the skill and coordination of the team involved. Completed with precision and care, the project showcased the intricate dance between man, machine, and the tools of the trade. It stands as a prime example of the complexities involved in the global relocation of industrial machinery.


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