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  • Maria Targońska

Comprehensive relocation of a blown film extruder from Spain to Turkey

Case Study: Comprehensive Relocation of a Blown Film Extruder from Spain to Turkey

Project Overview

Tincors, renowned for their comprehensive machinery relocation services, recently undertook a significant project that entailed the transfer of a blown film extruder from Spain to Turkey. This task was a demonstration of Tincors' adeptness in maneuvering through the complexities of cross-border machinery transport, guaranteeing a fluid shift of pivotal production apparatus for their clientele.

Encountered Challenges

The relocation of the blown film extruder was critical to the client's manufacturing operations, and the move from Spain to Turkey presented multiple challenges:

  1. Complex Machinery Handling: The blown film extruder was an intricate assembly with delicate mechanical and electrical components. The precision in its dismantling, transit, and reassembly was crucial.

  2. Logistics and Customs Navigation: The project demanded a thorough logistical strategy to transport the oversized equipment across nations, which involved intricate customs and legal protocols.

  3. Downtime Minimization: It was imperative to limit production halts. Any significant delays could adversely affect the manufacturing timeline and client obligations.

  4. Technical Expertise Requirement: The relocation necessitated a team with profound technical knowledge to ensure the machinery was handled and reassembled correctly, avoiding potential operational setbacks or damage.

Strategic Solutions Implemented

To address these challenges, Tincors developed an all-encompassing strategy:

  1. Pre-Relocation Assessment: Engineers from Tincors performed an exhaustive evaluation of the extruder to understand its specifications and critical components, guiding the dismantling and reinstallation.

  2. Tailored Packing and Handling: Tincors crafted specialized packing solutions to protect the machinery during transit, safeguarding it from potential transport hazards.

  3. Logistical Coordination: Utilizing their network of global logistics partners, Tincors managed the transportation and customs clearance, ensuring adherence to both Spanish and Turkish regulations.

  4. Downtime Reduction: The team meticulously scheduled the relocation to coincide with a maintenance window, thus minimizing the impact on production.

  5. Technical Precision in Execution: Skilled technicians oversaw the disassembly and reassembly, following manufacturer guidelines and best practices, with thorough testing post-relocation to confirm functionality.

Successful Outcomes

The relocation was executed flawlessly, resulting in:

  1. On-Schedule Completion: The project was finished within the planned timeframe, enabling the client to recommence production promptly.

  2. Operational Excellence: The extruder functioned flawlessly post-relocation, showcasing Tincors' precision and expertise.

  3. Client Contentment: The client was highly satisfied with Tincors' detailed planning, communication, and execution throughout the process.

  4. Risk Mitigation: The meticulous approach adopted by Tincors minimized the risk of equipment damage, ensuring operational readiness upon reinstallation.

Conclusive Thoughts

The successful transfer of the blown film extruder from Spain to Turkey exemplifies Tincors' capability to provide comprehensive machinery relocation services. By surmounting technical, logistical, and operational challenges, Tincors affirmed their dedication to delivering efficient and dependable solutions for complex international machinery relocations. This case study is a testament to Tincors' expertise and their proficiency in ensuring seamless transitions for vital industrial equipment.


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