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  • Maria Targońska

Successful Relocation of Automotive Machinery from Germany to Poland


The relocation of industrial machinery is a task that requires not only specialized knowledge but also experience and precision. The Tincors team, specializing in comprehensive machinery relocations in the automotive industry, proved their worth by executing a complex project of transferring production lines from Germany to Poland in November 2023. Key aspects such as employee safety, the machine dismantling process, tool usage, and the project's final success highlight the team's commitment and professionalism.

Employee Safety

Safety is always the top priority, and the Tincors team understands this perfectly. All actions were carried out with the utmost care to ensure safe working conditions. Adhering to strict safety procedures and using the appropriate protective equipment were crucial to ensuring that the entire process went without any accidents.

Machine Dismantling Process

Dismantling machines is a complicated process that requires detailed planning and coordination. The Tincors team demonstrated not only a technical understanding of the machines but also the ability to manage the project effectively. Each stage of dismantling was carefully planned, and the machines were meticulously labeled and inventoried, ensuring smooth and trouble-free transport.

Utilized Tools

Forklifts played a key role in the relocation process, enabling the safe and efficient moving of heavy machines and components. The Tincors team used forklift models that provided not only the necessary lifting capacity but also the precision of maneuvering, which was essential when working in confined spaces.

Success in Relocation

The key to the project's success was the qualified and cohesive Tincors staff. Thanks to excellent cooperation between teams, deep technical knowledge, and commitment at every project stage, the relocation was realized without delays and according to the highest standards.


The comprehensive relocation of automotive industry machinery from Germany to Poland by the Tincors team is an example of a project executed with the utmost care and professionalism. From employee safety, through the machine dismantling process, the use of specialized tools, to the final success - every aspect was thoroughly thought out and realized. This proves that with the right knowledge, experience, and commitment, even the most complicated tasks can be performed at the highest level.


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