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  • Maria Targońska

Dismantling a film extruder in Portugal

Efficient Dismantling of a Blown Film Extruder: A Detailed Equipment and Machinery Breakdown

The dismantling of a blown film extruder is a complex operation that requires a combination of technical know-how and the right set of tools. In Portugal, our team undertook such a task, employing a variety of equipment and machinery to ensure the disassembly was carried out efficiently and safely. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the tools used and the specific roles they played:

Platform Lift

A platform lift was indispensable for reaching the higher sections of the extruder. It provided a secure elevated platform for our technicians to work from, allowing for the safe disconnection and disassembly of parts that were otherwise inaccessible from the ground.


The forklift was a workhorse in transporting heavy components. It moved large parts to the packing area with ease, ensuring that each piece was handled with care to avoid any damage during the transition.

Transport Rollers

These were crucial in the smooth transfer of extruder components across the factory floor. The rollers facilitated the movement of parts to the packing area or directly into loading containers, streamlining the process.

Hydraulic Jacks

Employed for lifting the heavier sections of the extruder, hydraulic jacks provided the necessary support and stability. They were key in detaching components safely, mitigating the risk of accidents during the disassembly phase.

Chain Winch

The chain winch was essential for the controlled lifting and moving of substantial machine sections. Its precision handling allowed our team to manage bulky parts with efficiency, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Slings and Hooks

Used in conjunction with other lifting devices, slings and hooks secured various components during the lifting process. They were vital in preventing damage to the machine parts, ensuring that each piece remained intact.

HDS Truck

The HDS (Hydraulic Drive System) truck played a pivotal role in transporting the packed wooden boxes containing the disassembled components. Its smooth and controlled movement was critical in minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.

Hydraulic Crane

For loading the containers with the disassembled parts, the hydraulic crane was the tool of choice. Its lifting capacity and flexibility made for efficient loading, ensuring that the containers were properly filled and balanced for the sea journey.

By leveraging this array of equipment and machinery, we successfully dismantled the blown film extruder. Each tool was selected for its specific ability to contribute to a smooth and efficient disassembly process, which minimized downtime and facilitated the machine's relocation.


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