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Dismantling a film extruder in Portugal

During the dismantling process of the blown film extruder in Portugal, we employed various equipment and machinery to ensure efficient and safe disassembly. Here are the tools and machines we used:

  1. Platform lift: A platform lift was utilized to reach higher areas of the machine for disconnection and disassembly. This enabled our team to safely access different sections of the extruder.

  2. Forklift: A forklift was employed to transport heavy components and move them to the designated packing area. This powerful machine facilitated the movement of larger parts, ensuring they were handled securely.

  3. Transport rollers: These rollers were utilized to maneuver the extruder components across the floor with ease. They helped in smoothly transferring the disassembled parts to the packing area or loading containers.

  4. Hydraulic jacks: Hydraulic jacks were used to lift heavy sections of the blown film extruder during the disassembly process. This equipment provided stability and support while detaching the components.

  5. Chain winch: A chain winch played a crucial role in lifting and moving heavy sections of the machine. It provided controlled lifting and allowed our team to handle bulky parts efficiently.

  6. Slings and hooks: Slings and hooks were utilized to secure and lift various components during the disassembly process. These tools ensured safe handling and prevented any damage to the machine or its parts.

  7. HDS truck: An HDS (Hydraulic Drive System) truck was employed to transport the packed wooden boxes containing the disassembled components. This type of truck provides smooth and controlled movement, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.

  8. Hydraulic crane: A hydraulic crane was utilized to load the containers with the disassembled parts. The crane's lifting capacity and flexibility allowed for efficient loading, ensuring the containers were properly filled and balanced.

By utilizing this range of equipment and machinery, we were able to successfully dismantle the blown film extruder, securely pack its components, and load them onto containers for safe transportation via sea journey. Our diligent approach, combined with the appropriate tools, ensured a smooth and efficient disassembly process, minimizing downtime and facilitating the machine's relocation.

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