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Dismantling, loading and transporting plastic injection molding machines from Germany to Poland

Electrical disconnection and mechanical disassembly of plastic injection molding machines in Germany.

The TINCORS team performed a comprehensive service of dismantling, moving out of the hall and transporting the injection molding machines to Poland. There were 7 KRAUSS MAFFEI and DEMAG injection molding machines to be transported.

We started the task with the electrical disassembly of the injection molding machines and supporting robots. Every employee who participated in the disconnection of the electronics has a current electrical license. Correctly disconnecting the electronics is a key step that has a huge impact on reconnecting the injection molding machines at the new location. We marked all the connections with our own system and prepared documentation that was handed over to the new owner of the machines.

The next stage is mechanical disassembly, which in the main took place at the same time as electrical disconnection. The main principle that Tincors employees follow is as little mechanical disassembly as possible. This is of great importance in old machines in particular. In many such cases, once some parts of the injection molding machine have been disassembled, reassembly is cumbersome or even impossible.

Equipment and machinery used during the work

  • 8-ton class forklift

  • Transport rollers

  • Hydraulic jacks

  • Tools necessary for securing machinery

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