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Dismantling of a high-bay rack in Germany

In September, the Tincors team embarked on a significant project in Germany, which involved the dismantling of a high-bay rack comprising 500 pull-outs. This challenging task was successfully completed over a span of 14 working days. To begin the project, we meticulously reviewed the technical documentation and devised a detailed work schedule. Prior to commencing the dismantling work, we reached out to the manufacturer to discuss and determine the most suitable dismantling technology for the task at hand. One of the primary obstacles we encountered was the considerable height of the racks, standing at 12 meters, along with the limited clearance between the warehouse ceiling, which was merely 0.5 meters. To tackle this challenge, we employed a manitou with a working height of 16 meters to disconnect the upper sections of the rack. In addition, we utilized a 3-ton class forklift as an assisting tool throughout the dismantling process. During the project, we carefully marked and loaded each individual element of the rack onto the appropriate vehicles in a systematic manner. Upon arrival at the destination in Poland, the cars were unloaded in the designated yard, and the rack elements were securely stored for temporary shutdown. The reinstallation of the rack is scheduled for 2021, following the completion of the new hall in Poland. To facilitate the successful execution of the dismantling order, we employed a range of machinery and accessories, including forklifts, transport rollers, hydraulic jacks, a telescopic loader, and a hydraulic crane. These tools allowed us to efficiently handle and maneuver the rack components throughout the process, ensuring safety and precision. Throughout the project, we prioritized the implementation of stringent safety measures, adhered to industry best practices, and maintained effective communication channels to ensure a smooth and accomplished dismantling of the high-bay rack.


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