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How was the process of relocation of the Laboratory line for WPT?

We had the pleasure to cooperate with the Wrocław Technology Park in the field of relocation of the laboratory line between buildings located in the park. The entire line consisted of 7 machines, which were located in 3 rooms on the first floor of the building.

We started the work by disconnecting the devices from the utilities and marking all connections, which will translate into more efficient connection of the laboratory line in the event of a restart.

The first problem we encountered was the door, the size of which was much smaller than the width of the devices. That is why we disassembled each of the machines into smaller parts and marked them meticulously.

Due to the very small space (the layout of the rooms is typical for office work), we had to plan the relocation route of the laboratory line with maximum concentration. This allowed us to avoid unnecessary damage to components.

All elements are carefully secured so that they can wait a few months in a temporary warehouse. The room is not fully adapted to store this type of equipment.

Then we started loading, which took place using the overhead crane available at the plant. The transport of the machines was one of the most pleasant stages and did not cause any problems.

One of the more demanding tasks that we faced was unloading the elements on the square next to the warehouse, which was located underground. For unloading, we used a 50-ton class hydraulic crane, thanks to which we were able to place all loads as close to the entrance door as possible.

The last stage is the introduction and arrangement of all elements in the right place in the warehouse. In addition, at the request of the Principal, we secured all parts with a dedicated mesh fence, so that no unauthorized person had access to the machines.

The entire order took 3 business days.

Machines and devices used in the order

  • Hydraulic jacks

  • A set of transport rollers

  • Crane

  • Hydraulic crane

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