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Industrial laser relocation within the plant siteproduct images

How did we manage to make an industrial laser within the Gdansk plant site?

The order was carried out on Saturday. On that day, the plant was closed, thanks to which we were able to change the machine within 1 working day.

We started the project by disconnecting the electricity, compressed air and liquid nitrogen from the laser. All wires have been marked and secured. The machine was placed on transport rollers using power hydraulics. For this task, we used a set with a total lifting capacity of up to 24 tons.

The first problem we encountered was the very small space between the laser and the storage racks. There was no question of maneuvering a forklift. To relocate the machine, we used a reliable tool, which is a chain winch. Moving the elements with the winch is slow, mechanical work, but it had the intended effect and after 2 hours the Trumpf laser was in its new location.

The next step was leveling. For this task, we used a flat precision level and hydraulic jacks. The laser was leveled according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Finally, we connected electricity, compressed air and nitrogen. The laser has been tested.

Equipment and machinery used during work Forklift. Transport rollers. Hydraulic jacks. Suspensions and hooks. Chain hoist.

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