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Installation of devices for the Gdansk Science and Technology Park

The installation project for the Gdansk Science and Technology Park involved the assembly of various industrial devices in a modern prototype shop. In September, our team was approached to assist with this task.

The first step of the installation process was to carefully position the devices in their designated locations within the shop. This required precision and attention to detail to ensure optimal functionality and workflow. Once the devices were correctly placed, we proceeded to level them to guarantee stability during operation.

Next, we connected the devices to the power supply. This involved coordinating with the electrical system of the facility to ensure proper and safe connections. Our team worked diligently to adhere to all relevant safety regulations and guidelines.

After the devices were successfully connected to the power supply, our electrician conducted a comprehensive test run. This involved activating each machine individually and monitoring their performance to ensure they were functioning correctly. Any potential issues or malfunctions were identified and promptly addressed to ensure optimal operation.

Throughout the installation process, we utilized a range of equipment and machinery to facilitate the work. This included forklifts, conveyor rollers, hydraulic lifts, as well as various rigging and lifting accessories like slings and hooks. These tools were instrumental in safely handling and maneuvering the devices during the installation.

By the completion of the project, the devices were fully installed, properly connected, and thoroughly tested. The successful installation of these industrial devices in the Gdansk Science and Technology Park's prototype shop will contribute to the advancement of research, development, and innovation within the park.

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