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Relocation of electronic laboratory equipment for WPT.

What did the process of relocating electronic laboratory equipment for WPT look like?

We have appeared again in the Wrocław Technology Park. This time, the assignment involved the relocation of electronic laboratory equipment. All the machines were located on level -1 and our task was to place the entire line on the first floor of the building.

We started by disconnecting the laboratory equipment from the media and marking all the connections. We never neglect the marking aspect, because we know how much of an impact it has on the re-connection of the machines.

All electronic laboratory equipment was moved on transport rollers. Due to the small amount of free space, we had to plan the relocation process carefully.

We transferred the loads to the first floor with the help of a crane installed in the WPT hall. Thanks to this convenience, the entire process of transporting machines from level -1 to +1 was carried out very smoothly.

The rooms were fresh from a renovation, so we tried to make sure that the floor was not damaged. We set up and leveled the machines in place.

Our electricians efficiently connected and calibrated the electronic laboratory line.

Finally, we pumped the chemical compounds out of the sedimentation tanks and disposed of them.

Machinery and equipment used in the project

  • Hydraulic jacks

  • A set of transport rollers

  • Overhead crane

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