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  • Maria Targońska

Relocation of electronic laboratory equipment for WPT

What did the process of relocating electronic laboratory equipment for WPT look like?


The relocation of electronic laboratory equipment is a task that demands precision, careful planning, and technical expertise. At the Wrocław Technology Park (WPT), this process was executed with a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. This article will provide an in-depth look at the steps taken, the challenges faced, and the equipment used to relocate an entire line of electronic laboratory machines from the basement level to the first floor of the facility.

Planning and Disconnection

The first step in the relocation process involved a thorough disconnection of the laboratory equipment from its media sources. Each connection was meticulously marked to facilitate an efficient and accurate reconnection at the new location. This initial phase was critical, as proper labeling is the cornerstone of a seamless transition, ensuring that every machine can be quickly and correctly brought back online.

Navigating Space Constraints

Given the limited space within the WPT, the planning of the equipment's movement had to be conducted with exceptional care. The use of transport rollers was integral to moving the electronic laboratory equipment. This method not only ensured the safety of the equipment but also minimized the risk of damage to the newly renovated facility.

Utilizing Overhead Cranes for Efficient Transport

The transition from the basement level to the first floor was facilitated by an overhead crane, a piece of equipment that proved to be indispensable for the project. The crane allowed for a smooth vertical transport of the machines, highlighting the importance of having the right tools for such a specialized task.

Installation and Calibration

Upon reaching the first floor, the equipment was carefully set up and leveled in its new location. The WPT's commitment to maintaining the integrity of their renovated space was evident in the precautions taken to protect the flooring during this process. Once in place, a team of skilled electricians worked diligently to connect and calibrate the electronic laboratory line, ensuring that each piece of equipment was operational and met the necessary standards.

Environmental Considerations

The final step in the relocation process was the environmentally responsible disposal of chemical compounds from the sedimentation tanks. This task was carried out with a focus on safety and adherence to environmental regulations, demonstrating WPT's commitment to sustainable practices.


The relocation of electronic laboratory equipment at WPT was a complex operation that was successfully completed thanks to the expertise of the team and the use of specific machinery and tools. The process serves as a blueprint for similar relocations, emphasizing the need for strategic planning, precision, and the right equipment.


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