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Relocation of plastic injection molding machines from Germany to Poland

Comprehensive relocation of Kautex injection molding machines from Germany to Poland.

Moving injection molding machines is already our bread and butter. We can confidently write that we have transported about 100 plastic injection molding machines from various manufacturers since the beginning of our business.

In this case, we moved the entire factory, which included more than 20 machines. The injection molding machines went to a new hall located in one of Poland's economic zones.

It all starts with dismantling

Mechanical and electrical disassembly is an integral part of any relocation. Together with the factory owner, we set a schedule for the dismantling of individual machines so that, the production of key components could function until the last day of the relocation.

The electricians marked all connections in detail when disconnecting the electrics. We tried to keep all connections and wires in the best possible condition for re-use in the new location.

Disassembling support robots is one of the more difficult steps in disassembling plastic injection molding machines. Fixing the center of gravity is key to safely transporting the robot.

Loading and transport of more than 1,000 km

Loading is the perfect task to show off your lego stacking skills. Before loading, we scrupulously planned each load in order to optimize transportation costs.

The heaviest load weighed 56 tons and required special permits for oversized transport. Our logistics department took care of all documents and timing of all transports.

Welcome to Poland, which means unloading at a new location.

The unloading in Poland was done at the same time as the dismantling in Germany. We created a separate team, which we delegated only to the unloading and move-in work at the new location.

The final stage — connecting and commissioning the machines

The launch stage was carried out by the same team that dismantled the machines in Germany. We assigned more workers to this stage so that we could connect several machines at the same time.

The startup stage is always the most stressful process in the entire relocation. It is important to stay calm and maintain the work schedule. All the machines were put into operation without any major problems and will continue to work for the company for many years to come.

Equipment and machinery used during the work:

  • Basket lift

  • Forklift

  • Transport rollers

  • Hydraulic lifts

  • Chain hoist

  • Slings and hooks

  • Hydraulic crane

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