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  • Maria Targońska

Relocation of press container from Denmark to Poland

Relocation of press container for packaging manufacturer

The relocation of a press container for a packaging manufacturer is a complex process that involves meticulous planning and execution. Here's a comprehensive overview of the steps taken from the initial dismantling in Denmark to the final commissioning in Poland, along with a detailed account of the equipment used throughout the project.

Initial Dismantling

The project commenced with the disconnection of electrical systems and the careful labeling of all connections. This was a critical step, as the press container was slated for reassembly at a new location in Poland. Our team concentrated on the precise dismantling of the machine, ensuring that each component was correctly demounted and prepared for transport.


Due to its oversized dimensions, the press container was transported on a specialized platform. The remaining components were loaded onto standard trailers, taking into account the need for secure transit and the prevention of damage.

Installation and Commissioning in Poland

Prior to the arrival of the press container, the construction company prepared the foundation based on our specifications, which was essential for the smooth functioning of the machine at its new site. Our team performed several on-site mechanical modifications to adapt the press container to the new environment fully.

The final phase involved the electrical reconnection. Our electricians, in collaboration with the new owner's staff, executed the necessary wiring and initial machine setup, ensuring that the press container was ready for operation.

Equipment and Machinery Utilized

The relocation process required a variety of machinery and equipment to handle the different stages of the move safely and efficiently:

  • Basket lift: Used for reaching and working on elevated parts of the press container.

  • Forklift: Employed for moving and positioning components during both dismantling and reassembly.

  • Transport rollers: Facilitated the movement of machine parts within the facilities.

  • Hydraulic jacks: Provided the lifting force needed to raise heavy components for dismantling and transport.

  • Chain winch: Essential for the controlled lifting and maneuvering of substantial parts of the press container.

  • Slings and hooks: Used to secure components during lifting operations, ensuring safety and preventing damage.

  • Hydraulic crane: Played a pivotal role in loading and unloading heavy components onto transportation vehicles and positioning them at the new site.

The relocation of the press container was a testament to the skill and coordination of our team, showcasing our ability to handle industrial relocations with precision and care. The successful transfer and reinstallation of the press container will enable the packaging manufacturer to continue operations seamlessly at their new location.


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