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Relocation of press container from Denmark to Poland

Relocation of press container for packaging manufacturer

Press containers are a device used to reduce the volume of waste. The use of these devices significantly reduces transportation and storage costs. In this project we handled the relocation of a press container from Denmark to Poland.

Electrical and mechanical dismantling

It is nothing new that we started the job by disconnecting the electrics and marking all connections. Our task also included reassembly at the new location, so our employees focused on the correct demounting of the machine.


The container, which is an integral part of the machine and because of its oversized dimensions, was transported on a platform. We loaded the rest of the components onto regular trailers.

Installation and commissioning of the press container in Poland

Before starting the work, the construction company (according to our guidelines) prepared the foundation for the press container, which ensured the smooth operation of the machine. We made several mechanical modifications on site to fully integrate the machine into the conditions of the new location.

The final stage was the electrical connection of the press container. Our team of electricians, together with the new owner's employees, made the necessary connections and initial configuration of the machine.

Equipment and machinery used during the work:

  • A basket lift

  • Forklift

  • Transport rollers

  • Hydraulic jacks

  • Chain winch

  • Slings and hooks

  • Hydraulic crane

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