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Relocation of the injection molding machine between plants

During the relocation of the injection molding machine between plants, several steps were taken to ensure a smooth and secure process. The entire project spanned over multiple days and involved the use of various machines and equipment.

The initial stage focused on preparing the site and disassembling the individual components of the machine. The engine and extruder were carefully secured and packed on euro pallets to protect them during transportation.

The injection molding machine itself consisted of two main elements, each weighing 14 and 10 tons. To move these heavy components, hydraulic power was utilized. The machine was gradually and safely removed from the hall using a combination of hydraulic lifts, transport rollers capable of handling up to 32 tons, and a 3-ton forklift.

Once the components were detached, a 45-ton hydraulic crane was employed to load them onto a truck. Each part of the machine was meticulously secured on the truck to ensure safe transportation to the new location.

The next phase involved the journey from Racibórz to Gorzów Wielkopolski, where the machine was to be relocated. Upon arrival, the components were unloaded and carefully assembled in the new hall. The machine parts were aligned and leveled using a frame level to ensure optimal functioning.

Overall, the entire process, including disassembly, transportation, unloading, and reassembly, took a total of four working days to complete.

The machines and equipment used throughout the relocation project included hydraulic lifts, a set of transport rollers capable of handling heavy loads, a forklift, suspensions, hooks, and a 45-ton hydraulic crane. These tools were essential in executing the task efficiently and safely.

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