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  • Maria Targońska

The unloading of a 110-ton press in Starogard Gdański

The process of Unloading: A Case Study on a 110-Ton Industrial Press


The task of unloading heavy machinery is a testament to the precision and expertise required in industrial operations. Our recent project, involving the unloading and installation of a 110-ton hydraulic press, stands as a prime example of our team's capability to handle such complex tasks. Despite the challenges posed by the machine's substantial size and the spatial constraints of the production warehouse, our skilled professionals completed the entire operation within a single day.

Preparation: The First Step to Success

The unloading process commenced with meticulous preparation of the area. Understanding the importance of a secure environment for transportation, our team ensured that every detail was accounted for before the arrival of the hydraulic press. This preparation was the foundation upon which the subsequent steps were built.

The Role of the Mobile Crane

The centerpiece of our operation was the mobile crane, carefully chosen for its capacity to handle the weight of the press. Positioning the crane was a task that required precision and foresight, ensuring that the lift would be executed without incident. The crane's role was pivotal, as it not only facilitated the lifting but also the careful maneuvering of the press into its new home.

Navigating Spatial Challenges

The limited space within the production warehouse added a layer of complexity to the task. However, our team's experience in navigating such challenges allowed us to execute the unloading with precision. The strategic placement of the press was critical to the warehouse's operational flow and was managed with the utmost attention to detail.

Efficiency and Safety: Our Top Priorities

Throughout the process, our team maintained a focus on efficiency and safety. The careful lifting and shifting of the press were conducted under stringent safety protocols, ensuring that the equipment, as well as our personnel, were protected at all times.


The unloading of a 110-ton hydraulic press is not without its complexities, but with a skilled team and the right equipment, it can be executed flawlessly. Our use of a mobile crane was instrumental in the safe and precise handling of the press. This case study serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence in industrial machinery relocation. If you are in need of expert services for unloading or transporting large-scale machinery, our doors are open, and our team is ready to assist.


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