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Transport of food oven to France

In today's world, more and more companies are deciding to expand their business beyond their national borders. One of the most important issues to consider in such cases is the transportation of necessary equipment, machinery, and supplies to the destination. In this article, we would like to share our experience with the dismantling, transportation, and installation of a food furnace from Poland to France.

The first stage of the entire process was to carefully plan all the steps that needed to be taken to transport the furnace to France. Our company hired specialists who conducted a detailed analysis, including the selection of the best transportation route, preparation of customs documentation and all permits, and preparation of necessary tools and equipment.

Next, we proceeded to dismantle the furnace, which was located in an industrial facility in Poland. It was a very complicated operation that required the use of specialized equipment and technical knowledge. However, our skilled team managed to complete the task perfectly, securing each part of the furnace to prevent damage and packing them appropriately.

We then transported the furnace to France, where it was to be installed. We chose a specialized transport company that had the appropriate equipment and experience in transporting heavy and oversized cargo. The transport went smoothly, and the furnace arrived at its destination intact.

The last stage of the process was to install the furnace in the production plant in France. Our skilled team carried out this operation quickly and efficiently, utilizing their experience in installing similar equipment. The furnace was installed according to French regulations and functioned without any problems.

The conclusions that can be drawn from our experience are that transportation of machinery and equipment abroad requires careful planning and effective organization of work. It is also worth hiring specialists who have the appropriate experience and technical knowledge. Thanks to these steps, the risk of damaging the furnace during transportation was avoided, and it was successfully installed in France.

Machines and accessories used in the execution of the order

  • Forklift truck

  • Set of transport rollers

  • Power hydraulics

  • Basket lift,

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