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  • Maria Targońska

Unloading of 110 ton press in Starogard Gdanski

Mastering the Art of Unloading and Transporting a 110-Ton Hydraulic Press in Starogard Gdanski.

Unloading and transporting heavy machinery is a complex and nuanced task that demands a high level of expertise and the right equipment. This article provides an in-depth look at how our team successfully managed the unloading and installation of a colossal 110-ton hydraulic press within the confines of a production warehouse, highlighting the challenges faced and the strategic approach adopted to ensure safety and precision.

The Intricacies of Unloading Heavy Machinery

The task at hand was not just about moving an object from point A to point B; it was about handling a massive piece of machinery with the utmost care. The hydraulic press, with its considerable weight and dimensions, posed a significant challenge, especially given the restricted space within the production warehouse. Our team's ability to tackle such complex challenges is a testament to our daily commitment to excellence in industrial logistics.

Preparation: The First Step to Success

The initial phase of the project involved meticulous preparation of the unloading area. This step was crucial to ensure the safe transit of the press to its final location. Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the site to identify the best approach for the crane placement and the subsequent movement of the press.

The Role of the Mobile Crane

The mobile crane was the centerpiece of our unloading process. Its selection was based on its capacity to handle the weight of the press safely and its ability to maneuver within the limited space. The crane's precise lifting and moving capabilities were instrumental in minimizing the risk of damage to the press, which is a critical consideration when dealing with such valuable equipment.

Navigating the Challenges

The unloading of the press required not just the right equipment but also the right technique. Our operators, with their extensive training and experience, executed the lift flawlessly. They navigated the press through the warehouse with precision, ensuring that every movement was calculated and every potential risk was mitigated.

Installation: The Culmination of Efforts

After the successful transportation of the press to its designated location, the next step was the installation. Our team followed the project specifications to the letter, setting up the press exactly as required. This stage was carried out with the same level of precision and attention to detail that characterized the entire project.

The Machinery and Accessories

The execution of the order involved a range of machinery and accessories, each playing a vital role in the project:

  • Truck with HDS: This vehicle was essential for the initial transport of the press to the warehouse site.

  • Gantry Crane: The gantry crane provided additional lifting support, particularly in the installation phase.

  • Tools for Securing the Press: A variety of tools were used to secure the press during both transport and installation, ensuring stability and safety throughout the process.


The unloading and installation of a 110-ton hydraulic press are emblematic of the complex tasks our team handles with proficiency. The use of a mobile crane, along with a suite of other machinery and tools, allowed us to execute the process with precision and safety. Our team's expertise in managing such intricate operations makes us a reliable partner for any business requiring assistance with the unloading or transport of large machinery.


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