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Unloading of 110 ton press in Starogard Gdanski

Transport and unloading of a 110 ton press in Starogard Gdanski.

Unloading large and heavy machinery is an extremely complicated task that requires the involvement of a qualified team and specialized equipment. Such challenges are our daily routine, so we are pleased to share our experience with you.

In one of our recent projects, we had the pleasure of carrying out the unloading and installation of a hydraulic press weighing 110 tons in one of the production warehouses. Our team used a mobile crane to unload the machine, and the entire task was completed in one day.

The unloading of the press was complicated due to the size of the machine and the limited space in the production warehouse. However, our qualified team quickly took on the challenge to complete the task at the highest level.

At the beginning, our team prepared the unloading area to safely transport the machine to the final location. Then, the mobile crane was positioned properly to enable safe and precise lifting of the press.

The mobile crane was crucial in this project because it allowed us to lift and move the hydraulic press to the final location. Thanks to the use of the crane, we were able to minimize the risk of damage to the machine, which is crucial for such large and expensive equipment.

After safely lifting the machine, our operators moved it to the final location and then set it up exactly as required by the project. The entire process went smoothly and safely, allowing us to complete the task in one day.

In summary, unloading a hydraulic press weighing 110 tons is a complicated task, but our qualified team easily coped with it. The use of a mobile crane allowed us to carry out the entire process safely and precisely. If you need help with unloading or transporting large machinery, please contact us, and we will be happy to help!

Machinery and accessories used in the execution of the order

  • A truck with HDS.

  • Gantry crane.

  • Tools necessary for securing the press.

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