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  • Maria Targońska

Unloading of an industrial laser in Trzebnica

Navigating Challenges: Unloading an Industrial Laser During a Global Epidemic


In the midst of a global health crisis, the logistics and industrial sectors have been compelled to adapt swiftly to continue operations while ensuring safety. TINCORS, a company known for its resilience and expertise, recently undertook the complex task of unloading an industrial laser in Trzebnica, near Wrocław. This article will provide a detailed narrative of the procedures, challenges, and innovative solutions that were employed during the unloading process, all while maintaining stringent safety protocols.

Strategic Planning Amidst Space Constraints

The project began with strategic planning, a crucial step given the limited space for positioning the hydraulic crane. The team's extensive experience played a pivotal role in selecting the appropriate unloading technology to maneuver the industrial laser into the facility successfully.

Employing a 40-Ton Hydraulic Crane

The centerpiece of the unloading operation was a 40-ton hydraulic crane, complemented by a set of transport rollers capable of handling up to 32 tons. The choice of equipment was critical to accommodate the weight and size of the industrial laser, ensuring a smooth transition from the transport vehicle to the installation site.

Innovative Solutions in Confined Spaces

The confined space within the hall presented a significant challenge, rendering the use of a forklift impractical. The team had to think outside the box, resulting in the deployment of a chain hoist to shift the machine to its designated location. This unconventional approach underscored the team's ability to adapt to on-site conditions and find effective solutions to unforeseen obstacles.

Upholding Safety During an Epidemic

The ongoing epidemic added a layer of complexity to the project, necessitating enhanced safety measures to protect the workers and the client. A special zone was established to isolate the service team from external contact, minimizing the risk of virus transmission and adhering to health guidelines.

Efficient Execution and Completion

Despite the challenges, the entire project was completed within one working day, a testament to the efficiency and preparedness of the TINCORS team. The machines and equipment used—including hydraulic lifts, slings, and hooks—were instrumental in the project's success.


The unloading of the industrial laser during an epidemic highlighted the importance of experience, adaptability, and safety in industrial operations. TINCORS' successful completion of this project serves as a benchmark for the industry, demonstrating that with the right approach and precautions, even the most challenging tasks can be executed effectively and safely.


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