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Unloading of an industrial laser in Trzebnica

Course of work during unloading of an industrial laser amidst an epidemic

Despite the ongoing coronavirus epidemic worldwide, TINCORS company doesn't slow down its pace. Our team successfully completed the unloading service of an industrial laser in Trzebnica near Wrocław.

The task proved to be quite challenging due to limited space for positioning the hydraulic crane. Thanks to our employees' vast experience, we managed to choose the appropriate unloading technology and successfully maneuver the machine into the hall.

For this project, we utilized a 40-ton hydraulic crane along with a set of transport rollers with a maximum capacity of 32 tons. Unfortunately, the confined space in the hall made it impossible to freely move the forklift, so we had to employ unconventional solutions, such as using a chain hoist, to shift the machine. Additionally, in light of the prevailing epidemic, we ensured maximum protection for our workers and the client. We designated a special zone to prevent anyone from outside having contact with the personnel performing the service.

The entire project was completed within one working day.

Machines and equipment used during the project:

  • Hydraulic crane

  • Transport rollers

  • Hydraulic lifts

  • Chain hoist

  • Slings and hooks

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