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Construction and installation of an office container for PKP Gdynia

Details of the construction and installation of an office container for PKP Gdynia

In December, the TINCORS team provided a service for PKP Gdynia that included delivering, installing, and furnishing an office container. The container was placed in a repair hall located in Gdynia Cisowa.

The office container consisted of 2 modules and was made to a special order. Due to its location and proximity to the railway line, the container had to meet many restrictive standards, which it managed to do.

The task was extremely complicated due to the small amount of space in the hall. A crane and a truck with an HDS were used to unload the container.

We assigned a 5-person team to carry out the task. Thanks to the immense knowledge and commitment of our technicians, we managed to place and assemble the two parts of the container into one office space. The task was not easy due to the very small amount of free space around the container.

Our electricians connected the utilities and installed the necessary connections inside the rooms (electrical sockets, internet sockets). All furniture was made to a special order, which saved space and gave the rooms a professional look.

The entire project was completed within 14 working days.

Machinery and accessories used to carry out the order

  • A truck with HDS.

  • A manual forklift.

  • Tools necessary for connecting utilities.

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