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Relocation of the film extruder from Poland to Spain

Dismantling of the film extruder in Kutno

The task involved the dismantling of a complex machine, preparing it for transportation, and safely loading it onto vehicles.

The dismantling process started with securing the work area. Our team, equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment such as hydraulic lifts and hoists, began the dismantling process.

The extruder consisted of several large components such as the compression chamber, drive unit, and cooling sections. Each of these components was carefully disassembled and secured for transportation.

After disassembling all the components, our team thoroughly checked each one for any damage or manufacturing defects. Each secured component was loaded onto a vehicle using a forklift.

Loading was particularly important because the machine was very heavy and complex. Our team used special hoists and hooks to secure each component on the vehicle. This ensures that the loads will arrive safely at their destination.

Our team performed their work with great care and precision, which allowed for a smooth completion of the task.

The dismantling and loading of the film extruder in Kutno was a comprehensive task that required knowledge and experience in the industrial sector.

Tools used for the job:

  • Forklift

  • Straps and hooks

  • Set of conveyor rollers

  • Hydraulic power

  • Disassembly tools

  • Scissor lift

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