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  • Maria Targońska

Relocation of the film extruder from Poland to Spain

Precision Dismantling and Relocation of a Film Extruder in Kutno


The industrial sector often witnesses the monumental task of relocating heavy machinery, a process that demands not only physical strength but also a high degree of technical expertise. In Kutno, the dismantling of a film extruder presented such a challenge. This article provides a detailed account of the process, highlighting the meticulous approach required for the dismantling, transportation, and safe loading of complex industrial equipment.

Securing the Site for Dismantling

The first step in the dismantling of the film extruder was to secure the work area. This precautionary measure is critical to ensure the safety of the personnel and the integrity of the machinery. Our team, armed with an array of specialized tools, including hydraulic lifts and hoists, initiated the process with precision and care.

Component by Component: The Dismantling Process

A film extruder is composed of several substantial parts, such as the compression chamber, drive unit, and cooling sections. Dismantling such a machine is akin to a well-orchestrated symphony where each movement must be precise and well-timed. Our team systematically disassembled each component, ensuring that every piece was meticulously secured for its subsequent journey.

Inspection and Preparation for Transit

Following the dismantling, a thorough inspection was conducted on each component. This step is crucial to identify any potential damage or manufacturing flaws that could compromise the safety and functionality of the machinery during and after relocation. Once cleared, each component was carefully loaded onto the transport vehicle with the aid of a forklift, a testament to the gravity and complexity of the machine.

Loading: A Study in Vigilance and Precision

The loading phase bore significant importance. Given the heft and intricacy of the film extruder, our team employed specialized hoists and hooks to ensure that each component was securely anchored to the vehicle. This meticulous attention to detail guaranteed that the components would arrive at their destination without incident.

The Tools of the Trade

The successful dismantling and relocation of the film extruder required an arsenal of tools designed for such industrial undertakings. Forklifts, straps and hooks, conveyor rollers, hydraulic power, disassembly tools, and scissor lifts were all instrumental in the process. Each tool played a specific role, from providing mobility to ensuring the secure handling of the machinery components.


The comprehensive task of dismantling and loading the film extruder in Kutno was executed with a blend of expertise and precision. It stands as a testament to the skill and experience required in the industrial sector to handle such complex operations. The process not only involved the physical dismantling and loading but also the careful planning and execution to ensure that every component remained intact and functional upon arrival at its new location.


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