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The course of work during the unloading and assembly of silos in Gorzow Wielkopolski.

At the beginning of June, we started with the assembly of 2 storage silos on the construction site of a production hall in Gorzow Wielkopolski. Thanks to favorable weather conditions, the unloading and assembly was carried out without any difficulties.

The silos were delivered by oversize transport. One of the challenges (due to limited space) was to find an appropriate location for cranes, so that the unloading could take place in the safest conditions possible. The unloading and verticalization was carried out using 2 hydraulic cranes - the main one with a capacity of 50 tons and a auxiliary one with a capacity of 25 tons.

At the beginning, we attached the slings with the help of a dedicated crossbeam. The verticalization process took place in windless conditions to minimize the risk of oscillations during the movement of the element. At the end, we installed a ladder and a platform connecting the two silos. The silos were 16 meters high, so we used a dedicated articulated lift for assembly.

The entire job was completed within 2 working days.

Machines and equipment used during the completion of the order

  • Scissor lift

  • 50-ton hydraulic crane

  • 25-ton hydraulic crane

  • Slings and hooks

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