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  • Maria Targońska

Unloading and assembly of silos in Gorzow Wielkopolski

Precision and Planning: The Assembly of Storage Silos in Gorzow Wielkopolski


In the early days of June, a meticulous and well-coordinated project commenced on the construction site of a production hall in Gorzow Wielkopolski. The task at hand was the assembly of two towering storage silos, a venture that was facilitated by favorable weather conditions and a team equipped with the right skills and machinery. This article will provide a comprehensive account of the unloading and assembly process, the challenges overcome, and the equipment utilized to ensure a successful and timely completion.

Preparation and Unloading

The silos, essential for the storage needs of the production hall, arrived via oversize transport—a testament to their significant stature. One of the initial hurdles was the limited space on-site, which necessitated a strategic approach to position the cranes. Ensuring the safety of the unloading process was paramount, and the team's ability to find the optimal crane placement was crucial.

Crane Operations and Verticalization

The core of the unloading operation relied on two hydraulic cranes, one with a formidable 50-ton capacity and an auxiliary crane capable of 25 tons. The initial phase involved attaching the slings to the silos using a specialized crossbeam, a procedure that set the stage for the verticalization process. This critical step was executed under windless conditions, a deliberate timing to minimize the risk of oscillations that could compromise the safety and integrity of the silos.

Connecting the Silos

With the silos standing upright, the next phase was to install a ladder and a platform that would bridge the two structures. Given their impressive height of 16 meters, an articulated lift was employed to facilitate the assembly process. This piece of equipment was not only vital for reaching the higher elevations but also ensured that the assembly was conducted with precision and efficiency.

Efficient Completion and Machinery Used

Remarkably, the entire assembly was completed within a span of just two working days—a testament to the team's expertise and the seamless execution of the project. The machinery and equipment played a pivotal role in this achievement, with a scissor lift, the two hydraulic cranes, and the necessary slings and hooks being instrumental in the project's success.


The assembly of the storage silos in Gorzow Wielkopolski was a project marked by strategic planning, technical expertise, and a keen attention to detail. From the careful unloading of the oversized silos to the precise verticalization and connection, each step was carried out with the utmost precision. The project not only demonstrated the team's proficiency in managing such a complex task but also highlighted the importance of having the right equipment for the job.


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