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Unloading and Assembly of Plastic Injection Molding Machine in Łódź

The course of work for the unloading and assembly of the plastic injection molding machine.

Step One – Unloading the Injection Moulding Machine

The injection, closing and robot parts needed to be unloaded. The heaviest element weighed 32 tons, but the main problem was the limited space and the need to transport the elements over the entrance gate. We used a 100-ton hydraulic crane for unloading all loads. By choosing a crane with a higher capacity than necessary, we were able to safely maneuver the load being lifted.

A qualified crane operator was able to deliver the machine right to the entrance doors of the hall, saving a few meters of machine hoisting on transport rollers.

Step Two – Transporting the Injection Moulding Machine in the Hall

We placed the heaviest element on transport rollers and transported it to the desired location in the hall. We used a 5-ton forklift for traction. After positioning the closing element in place and stabilizing it on the feet, we started introducing the injection part. The second element required more time due to its larger dimensions and less space in the hall. After several hours of work, the injection element was safely transported to the appropriate place.

Step Three – Assembling all Elements of the Injection Moulding Machine

The final step involved joining the two parts of the injection moulding machine using mounting screws and installing the supporting robot in the appropriate place. After assembling all elements, our technicians leveled the injection moulding machine and handed it over to the Customer.

Machines and equipment used during the completion of the order

  • Hydraulic crane

  • Suspensions and hooks

  • Forklift

  • Set of conveyor rollers

  • Hydraulic power

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